Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweden - Kitesurf Session 64

Contrary to the previous day, the wind was blowing hard when I woke up... But it was too hard for my 9m kite so, biting my fingers, I decided to go take some photos of the Habo Ljung locals while I waited for the wind to go down a notch (I really, really need to buy that 6m kite).

After a painful but no very long wait, I was finally able to go out and try one of the best flat water spots I have ever come across! Perfect conditions for a perfect last day in Sweden, before driving down to Denmark, even with the sky a little bit greyer.

The wood pier offers a great viewpoint for photographs or generally just enjoying the moves! With the skies slowly cleaning up again, I started to do some nearby passages, just for the camera's delight...

Habo Ljung is really a kiter's paradise: knee to waist deep clean waters as far as the eye can see; a spot that works in the entire range of easterly winds; a beautiful scenery, with a good camping site nearby and a nice rigging space, covered in lush green grass (no sand packed with the gear, boys and girls!).

Even if you don't speak swedish, here's a nice website to look at: A very cool crew of Habo Ljung resident riders that have the moves and the aesthetic sensibility to offer great videos!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweden - Kitesurf Session 63

Waking up and getting out of the tent under the sun in the Habo Ljung camping, I really thought I was just going to have breakfast, pump the kite and jump on the water...

Unfortunately, the wind was playing lazy, so we decided to visit Lund in the morning. It started to pick up around midday, so it was time to check out the famous spot at Ljunghusen. But with the wind still light and the waves demanding a stronger push, I ended up not getting the gear out. Thanks to the advice of some cool locals that were packing up as I arrived, I drove 20km North to the spot at Klagshamn. This flat water venue was perfect for my 12m kite. The menacing clouds and rain were there again, but at least we were only three sharing the spot!
Since, due to the bad light, the photos weren't great, I decided to post just a few in black and white, for a dramatic touch...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweden - Kitesurf Session 62

While everybody goes South for the Summer, I went North for a two week trip in Sweden. Mostly driving through the West and Southwest coast, I managed to squeeze a couple of nice sessions (mostly at the end of the trip), Scandinavian style!
Being the second part of August, with the hot days already gone away until next year (the Scandinavian Summer runs from the end of May to the 15th of August), the rain was always not far away. But with the wind blowing constantly in the easy-living spot of Skanörshamn, I did like the locals and jumped into the water, despite the menacing clouds.

(click to enlarge)

Pretty soon we were all ("all" meaning the four kites sharing this huge deserted spot) riding under a strong and very consistent rain! A very funny experience, I must say. And it wasn't even that cold, since I was only wearing my shorty...

Since we were going to roam around the Southwest tip for the next days before heading to Copenhagen, we chose to set the tent at the Habo Ljung camping site. A very nice choice, especially for kiters! A not very expensive and well equipped camping, "glued" to a beautiful spot and with a super kite friendly environment!
With the sun back on the horizon, it was time to dry all the gear and imagine the riding on the days to come in this "out of a dream" spot!

(click to enlarge)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Beauduc - Kitesurf Sessions 60 and 61

A great couple of days, with winds ranging from 20 to 35 knots. A good opportunity to try out the 7m Cabrinha Nomad, a killer kite! And also a farewell from my old VW Golf to the salt and sands of Beauduc. It was his last trip South before being sold this Sunday...