Sunday, September 29, 2013

Before a pause... - Kitesurf Sessions 121 to 123

About two weeks ago I went back to Beauduc for three days... I couldn't help feeling that I had to make the most of these sessions, since it would probably be the last time I would come for a while.


As it has turned out, I was right... On a sad note, because I hurt my knee soon after (and it might turn out to need some fixing, it will all depend on my next medical visit), and on a much happier one, because I'm about a month away from becoming a father, and no way in hell I'm gonna be very far from home this close to the date!

Anyhow, back to Beauduc: this was also the first opportunity to try my new bed setup (I "transformed" the Kangoo into a quick setting "camping car") and it is so much more confortable than the tent, specially in windy nights and hot mornings!

For the kiting conditions, me and Gab where offered strong winds all through the 3 days (I mostly used my 9m), West in the first day and North tendencies the following two. With the Indian Summer conditions, it was a perfect way to close the season for me. And the best moment of all was a solo ride upwind until I was riding completely offshore just some meters away from the beach, with an amazing return at sunset playing in the small waves with side-off winds... Good memories to last for a while!